Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy Free Givaway for a short time.


Buy Your Copy Here

Buy Your Copy Here

I am releasing splintered Sierra’s legacy until January 4th for free with a coupon code for Smashwords. The link for the book is https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/66193 and the coupon code is  VY73D. Please review it in which venue are comfortable with, whether it is smashwords, Amazon, Goodreads, itunes, Barnes and Noble or any of the other book places where it is available.

This free copy is in celebration of the editing of Face the Music: A Connie Lou and Elisa too adventure, as well as a new work currently being written. A Whispered Word is a paranormal mystery and I hope to have it completed and edited by the fall of 2015. Face the Music should be ready in the Spring for a great summer reading.

Thank you as always for your patience. I appreciate all you do.


The Karma Stone Givaway

Karma stoneThe Karma Stone is now open for giveaway on Goodreads. The givaway will end on October 25th so the book can be received by Halloween.


The Karma Stone update

My editing has gone very well. I am about a third of the way through, re-editing my initial edits. I have sent a few more query letters as well as a submission to a publisher that publishes horror. The Karma Stone is very dark and would be considered as Paranormal Horror, so I am querying agents that accept that genre, as well as a few small press publishers. As the editing continues the story is fleshing out in all its glory, or should I call it gory.

I will continue updates as they come and complete the final editing in the time frame I have allotted, which is the end of this month. The chance to get this, a different genre out and see what reaction it will garner, makes this work all worth while. The genres of my work could not be any further apart.  Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy, a YA crossover fantasy, to a heart warming Christmas paranormal short story in The Christmas Star, to this, The Karma Stone, and then on to Face the Music, a paranormal mystery, featuring to young female sleuths.

When writing, I am considered a pantser. I start with no clear idea of where I am going, the work seems to guide me. I have been amazed at the direction, and at times horrified, I will admit. I admire those who can put together an outline and follow it, that takes some determination. My writing twirls through my mind, twisting and weaving, constantly leaving me breathless. What a rush though.

Thank you again for staying the course, I am extremely energized to move on to the next installment of the Karma Stone. Woot!!

The Karma Stone

A hot and humid summer has been kind enough to keep me in from the heat. This in turn has kept me on track with the editing of the Karma Stone. All things considered it appears as though I will be completed by month end and ready to publish.

I am interested in getting a few beta readers so if you know anyone drop me a line. However please be aware this is a novel depicting very graphic scenes as well as some lightness and a bit of spirituality. If you enjoy horror with a paranormal twist, as well as a bit of mystery and suspense, then you will sail through this rendition.

Once completed I will finish editing my new work Face the Music and then on to the next in the Karma Stone Series.

Please contact me if you are interested in beta reading, I can send a PDF copy.

Thank again for your readership.


I have to apologize for my absence from posting recently. I have sent a few queries on The Karma Stone, one about a month ago and another more recent. There was no response to the first, so if I do not hear from the other the publishing will begin.

My other issue has been a lack of time, I have been burning the mignight oil at my other job, and just completed a several month long challenge that has taken up a great deal of time. Now that I have completed it, I will be able to focus more on what I love, which is writing. It has been sadly neglected.

A am working on the cover for The Karma Stone and it will be released in both e-book and hard copy. I am looking forward to having it out in print. The subject matter is not for everyone, and deals with a bit of dark murder.


Procrastination is a terrible waste of time, and if I did not already have a completed work I could understand, but I am ready to move forward so should have things in place in the next few weeks. I have however been editing my newest book so I can’t beat myself up too much. Time for the plunge and dust off my pages, beautify it all and go. Will post when all is ready and move on.

A Short Exerpt from the Karma Stone

I will post once it is finished.

Using the knife, he swung at her again catching her chest, causing a splatter of blood. The sticky warmth and faint metallic smell thrilled him, increasing his adrenalin. The lust for blood fed his anger as he kept swinging the knife, now missing, then striking, and then missing again. Grabbing her hair, he was able to get a more solid hold. Taking the blade still sharpened and honed from the stone, he cut her throat. The blood spattered everywhere. In his fury he lost control as he kept hacking away, unaware of anything else. Carving and cutting, he couldn’t get enough, his hands were trembling and his heart beating so erratically it shook his frail frame. She could no longer fight, but the initial anger still fed him. Stabbing the knife into her body repeatedly, cutting off parts and moving them around he continued until exhausted. He kept going, but soon over-extended the abilities of his body. Stopping to rest, he realized she had not moved for some time.

The Karma Stone

I have finalized the edits on The Karma Stone and it is ready for publishing. Well sort of.

I acutally entered it in the ABNA contest, which just recently closed its submissions. I was stoked to get done in time, but I am now nervously biting my nails. 10,000 entries were the goal, and they hit it by midday on the day they were closing submissions, so closed early.

That is a great deal of talent to go against, but I also know that without at least trying I would not feel as though I had done my best. What I did not expect was the comradarie amongst the writers, with more seasoned writers offering sage advice, and everyone having fun on the forums. What an excellent way to network and meet new and energetic people, all working for the common goal of publishing.

February 13th, I will find out if I will move on to the next round, yet with so much to choose from I must maintain my hope. If I move on, that will move back my publishing date, but if not, than I can do a few more tweeks and prepare.

I have also consisdered shopping it around a bit, so that too could change the timeline, I am very excited about the finished produce. I am working on a cover, so hope to have something soon, to post.

I would be remiss to not thank all the authors that gave such gread advice, with nothing in return. Thank you.

If Karma is watching, you will make it through the first round. Good luck to you all, I hope to stay in touch on the forums.

Update on Writing

I will be completing editing this weekend, and the entry for the contest is Monday. I will be ready with fingers crossed. If I am bumped out early for any reason, I can then move forward on getting published myself. I am nervous and excited. This novel is dark and just a bit creepy, which makes sense, as the concept is about Jack the Ripper’s soul  returning though time to conplete his carnage.  I have attached the pitch, this will grace the back cover.

Once entry is completed, I will post the excerpt for your viewing entertainment. 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment, I look forward to hearing from you.

The Karma Stone-Mystery/Thriller

Welcome to Darkness

Through the annals of time, one of the most horrific mysteries remains a question. Who was Jack the Ripper? Disappearing as quickly as he appears, he escapes accountability for the brutality and egotistical nature of his crimes. However, Karma is an integral part of life, judging all actions for their corrective purpose.

Delve into this phenomenon for a different take on history. Unable to complete his agenda, the Ripper returns time after time, wreaking his final vengeance on those who draw his ire.

Follow his evil as he moves through the ages. Shifting quickly, he eludes Karma as he continues his murderous intent. Escaping fate as he continues his gruesome deeds, he remains ahead of Karma’s Champion.

Unaware of being shadowed, he visits his brand of terror in a seemingly never-ending loop. Fate takes a stand, as the time of his dominion is past. In his maniacal manner, he has set in motion a chain of events that puts a child at risk. To sever the loop, his final stand brings his past before him in a way he cannot have anticipated.

Unable to elude the hunter he finds the answer to his Karmic balance, as the souls of his past become the justice of his future.

Amazon Break Through

As I complete my edits on The Karma Stone, I have decided I will enter the work in the contest this year. The only thing that I don’t like is that it limits my publishing for about six more months. That will give me a chance to begin the editing on Face the Music. I can also look for a new editor. I have some leads and have heard some great things about a few of them. I plan on doing some further marketing on my first book as well. I have been very busy with personal business this last year. This year is my year to get more completely into my writing carreer.

I will update you on the contest as it unfolds, I am excited to get started. I will post a few excerpts from Face the Music as well. It is quite hilarious and a mystery to boot. Stay tuned for further information as the weeks roll on.

Thank you,

Leslie Wright