The Karma Stone

I have finalized the edits on The Karma Stone and it is ready for publishing. Well sort of.

I acutally entered it in the ABNA contest, which just recently closed its submissions. I was stoked to get done in time, but I am now nervously biting my nails. 10,000 entries were the goal, and they hit it by midday on the day they were closing submissions, so closed early.

That is a great deal of talent to go against, but I also know that without at least trying I would not feel as though I had done my best. What I did not expect was the comradarie amongst the writers, with more seasoned writers offering sage advice, and everyone having fun on the forums. What an excellent way to network and meet new and energetic people, all working for the common goal of publishing.

February 13th, I will find out if I will move on to the next round, yet with so much to choose from I must maintain my hope. If I move on, that will move back my publishing date, but if not, than I can do a few more tweeks and prepare.

I have also consisdered shopping it around a bit, so that too could change the timeline, I am very excited about the finished produce. I am working on a cover, so hope to have something soon, to post.

I would be remiss to not thank all the authors that gave such gread advice, with nothing in return. Thank you.

If Karma is watching, you will make it through the first round. Good luck to you all, I hope to stay in touch on the forums.


About wrightontime

Leslie Wright is a Northwest Author who dabbles in paranormal prose. She is an avid reader and writer, who blogs book reviews between her novel writing endeavors. She is a mother, and grandmother and enjoys travel. As with most writers these days, she also works a day job, which keeps her busy. She and her husband spend their spare hours together, finding joy in each others company.

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