Monthly Archives: November 2012

Nano November

Novel writing month is upon us and I have begun a new project. Along with the new project I am close to completing edits onThe Karma Stone. But I digress.

The new project is fun and frivilous, but carries some darkness and suspense as well. Face the Music-A Connielou and Elisa too Adventure is the beginning of the Zombie Jamboree series. These fun and funky PI’s will win your heart with with their humor, their extended families will stretch your beliefs, but they will find themselves experts on the Zombie entrance and how to deliver their clients from harm.

A fun set of characters, they are loosly based off some of my own family members, but I have taken great liberty to add colorful and entertaining reading. I will keep you updated, and will send out announcements on the Karma Stone when it is releases.

Thanks as always for your support.