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Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy

Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy is available for Kindle on Amazon. It has been a long eventful journey putting together a book and cover. I have received wonderful encouragement and really appreciate the comments. Please sign up and leave a comment to be entered to win a free autographed copy when the physical book comes out. I will be giving away one copy, and possibly two dependent on the amount of comments received. This a great opportunity to win a copy of this fun debut novel. The proof is being checked and the updated copy should be available in 6-8 weeks. I will notify the winners by email.

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Interview with James Oh, on Profile of Author


     As she reached out to the nearest tree and moved the branch, trying hard to create no sound, she instantly heard a shrill scream. Her heart started thrumming, and her breath caught in her throat, grasping the branch and pulling it aside, leaning in to get a look, she was horrified to see a group of tall and unearthly men with pale skin and black hair, in the pool. As she watched, the strangers completed putting collars on the children, each connected by a chain.

     As Thomas, one of the boys moved from his hiding place and tried to run, he was plunged into the water and held under, only to be let go as his body slowly, buoyantly rose to the top. Struggling to stifle herself, trying to catch the building scream, the sound catching in her throat causing nausea to rise from the pit of her stomach, she froze.

     Not sure what to do, she was afraid to move and make a sound. She slowly moved close …as close to the tree behind her as possible. Hoping to hide, she closed her eyes and wished herself invisible.

     Still backing, into the tree, at any time she knew she would make contact and feel the safety of the wood at her back, she inhaled as her body sank into the tree, changing shade and becoming part of the tree. Her gasp, shocking in the sudden silence alerted the hunters and they swarmed the area around the tree almost like the small bugs she had been watching earlier. Concealed by the tree, she prayed it would be enough. She was afraid but knew she would have to think about it later. It made no sense, and she would pick it apart with her usual curiosity, if she could only make it through the day.

     They scanned the area for over an hour trying to make sure there were no witnesses. As she watched from the depth of the tree, eyes wide with fright, her mind clambering, and her breath shuttering, she could feel the bark of the tree as though it is a part of her skin.