Monthly Archives: July 2011


I have started on Splintered: The Missing Keeper, and yet my mind is straying to another book. It is one I have worked on in the past and it seems to be calling me. I may have to take a hiatus and move on to it for a while, as it does not want to let go. I usually go where my heart takes me and this seems to be the place at this time.

I will have to come back to the Missing Keeper after I have given my subconscious its head of steam. I have tried to put it on the back burner to no avail. I have not even titled it, and yet there it is. I can only go where my heart wants to take me and so this the direction I am guided.

While the story is not fantasy, it is paranormal and is set with two sleuths, I think it will be fun and exciting. The two young women working together are much different from each other and so much alike as well. They are sisters with a penchant for trouble, and putting their nose into things better left undone.

I will work on it for a while to quench that burning. Something tells me it is the right thing to do.