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The Karma Stone Givaway

Karma stoneThe Karma Stone is now open for giveaway on Goodreads. The givaway will end on October 25th so the book can be received by Halloween.



The Karma Stone update

My editing has gone very well. I am about a third of the way through, re-editing my initial edits. I have sent a few more query letters as well as a submission to a publisher that publishes horror. The Karma Stone is very dark and would be considered as Paranormal Horror, so I am querying agents that accept that genre, as well as a few small press publishers. As the editing continues the story is fleshing out in all its glory, or should I call it gory.

I will continue updates as they come and complete the final editing in the time frame I have allotted, which is the end of this month. The chance to get this, a different genre out and see what reaction it will garner, makes this work all worth while. The genres of my work could not be any further apart.  Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy, a YA crossover fantasy, to a heart warming Christmas paranormal short story in The Christmas Star, to this, The Karma Stone, and then on to Face the Music, a paranormal mystery, featuring to young female sleuths.

When writing, I am considered a pantser. I start with no clear idea of where I am going, the work seems to guide me. I have been amazed at the direction, and at times horrified, I will admit. I admire those who can put together an outline and follow it, that takes some determination. My writing twirls through my mind, twisting and weaving, constantly leaving me breathless. What a rush though.

Thank you again for staying the course, I am extremely energized to move on to the next installment of the Karma Stone. Woot!!