Nano November

Novel writing month is upon us and I have begun a new project. Along with the new project I am close to completing edits onThe Karma Stone. But I digress.

The new project is fun and frivilous, but carries some darkness and suspense as well. Face the Music-A Connielou and Elisa too Adventure is the beginning of the Zombie Jamboree series. These fun and funky PI’s will win your heart with with their humor, their extended families will stretch your beliefs, but they will find themselves experts on the Zombie entrance and how to deliver their clients from harm.

A fun set of characters, they are loosly based off some of my own family members, but I have taken great liberty to add colorful and entertaining reading. I will keep you updated, and will send out announcements on the Karma Stone when it is releases.

Thanks as always for your support.


Moving forward

This has been a difficult year for me as well as finding the right time for writing. I have a great book that I believe will “Wow” my friends and fans, but I have yet to complete my edit. I hope you will bear with me while I digress and procrastinate, I have a terrible illness in my family and find that I am not comfortable at this juncture putting so much of my time into this that I leave out time for my loved ones. While the initial shock has worn down, each new issue continues to create stress.

I appreciate those of you who have continued to keep the faith and I do hope to have my work completed and in print by the end of the year.

Karma Stone is as different from my first work as it can be, and while it still carries paranormal tones, there is much horror and death involved. It is very much of a thriller, with a basis in the Ripper beginnings, and moving on into the realms of soul transgressions and Karma.

I will begin my return by getting back to posting on my author blog and hope to see you here periodically.

Thanks again for your thoughts, my hope is that you will find my new work to have grown and evolved. I will begin looking for an editor and hope the corrections will be more of my writing style.

In the meantime please feel free to check out my review website, I reveiw for many writers and hope I give each book a unique look. Check it out at TicToc.



Update on Release

The editing has been completed and both smashwords and kindle have been updated with the new content. The physiscal copy will release on Amazon within the week.

I appreciate all you patience. The other news is a short Christmas story I have written that will appear as part of an anthology. All sales will go to charity, and the book will also be available to the free ebook drop for the deployed soldiers. This book will release on Black Friday, where books are sold. More information below as well as a sneak peak of the cover.

Christmas Lites Information

The Creative Reviews group on GoodReads is filled to the brim with writers, reviewers, editors, proofreaders and crazy people. We decided to pull all our abilities to do something for others. And it was born: Christmas Lites. It’s a Short Story Anthology with the overall theme of Christmas. It will be available in e-book and print this November.

26 authors submitted a short story to be included in the anthology and the proceeds will be donated to the NCADV – National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. It’s a wonderful charity that we are honored to support. We are also donating FREE e-copies to the deployed troops overseas via Operation eBook Drop.



   Once upon a time, a rough and tumble seven year old caught Santa sliding down the chimney…

Then a ninja elf came and broke Santa out, no net is strong enough to keep out this ninja elf! Off past the faithful family pet they ran and jumped in the sleigh. They raced to another house but refused to stop when ghosts were there to greet them. Santa doesn’t tangle with ghosts. He doesn’t tangle with vampires, either.

At the next stop, he met a runaway gingerbread man who yelled, “You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!” Santa didn’t bother to catch him; he had things to do.

On his way to his next delivery, he passed a werewolf jumping out of a plane and dodged a zombie hungry for his brain.

He finally touched down in a nice, normal town full of tidings and great joy…

Or did he?

Dive into a world of variety—a world of spirit with this Creative Reviews anthology. What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with some short stories that entertain and encompass the true meaning of Christmas? All proceeds of this book will be donated to the NCADV (national coalition against domestic violence). Debut authors and published authors have come together in this one-of-a-kind compilation – please help support a great cause and plunge deep into our imaginations.


My own Story is more traditional and called The Christmas Star by L.A. Wright. Dive in to buy one of these books when released. All proceeds go to charity, and the stories are new and exciting. Holiday fun at it finest.

Stay tuned for more works. Several stories are foming at this time, all paranormal and exciting. Three in particular are pulling my attention, I plan to have two of them releasing in 2012. I will keep you updated.


For those of you that are wondering where I am, I have hired an editor and am doing a bit of a revamp on my book. I had hoped to have the hard copy out but after realizing that I have some redundancies and a few other flow problems, I wanted to only put out the very best prior to releasing the physical copy. I have the first four chapters finished and am waiting for my next round. If all goes well I hope to be done by the end of October. This process has been very interesting and has actually fleshed out the characters a great deal more. I have also put in a bit of foreshadowing and moved some of the back story around to where it should be.

I put up a notice when it is complete and hope you will all help me celebrate.



I have started on Splintered: The Missing Keeper, and yet my mind is straying to another book. It is one I have worked on in the past and it seems to be calling me. I may have to take a hiatus and move on to it for a while, as it does not want to let go. I usually go where my heart takes me and this seems to be the place at this time.

I will have to come back to the Missing Keeper after I have given my subconscious its head of steam. I have tried to put it on the back burner to no avail. I have not even titled it, and yet there it is. I can only go where my heart wants to take me and so this the direction I am guided.

While the story is not fantasy, it is paranormal and is set with two sleuths, I think it will be fun and exciting. The two young women working together are much different from each other and so much alike as well. They are sisters with a penchant for trouble, and putting their nose into things better left undone.

I will work on it for a while to quench that burning. Something tells me it is the right thing to do.

Update on Publishing Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy


Young Adult Fantasy

I have been working diligently on marketing and I would have to say taking some shots in the dark. I know it is important to create a buzz, and that is my goal. I just currently uploaded my material to Smashwords in order to have more formats available then Kindle. Smashwords does a great job on making that happen. I have also done a few interviews which I have posted links for and would like to sincerely thank both Stella, and James O for making this happen.  I also listed the links for purchasing Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy, as well as a few of the reveiws I have received.

If you are a blogger looking for review material please let me know and I will be happy to get you a copy. If you are wanting a chance to win a signed copy when the physical copy comes available please just leave a comment.  I should have it available within the  next few weeks. I am currently waiting on my third proof copy.

Book Links for Purchase



Author Interview

Profile of Author with James Oh

Flirty and Fiesty Romance Novel with Stella


Amazon Review

Good Reads Review


Good reading and enjoy your day, Summer is the perfect time to find new reading material.

Leslie Ann Wright

Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy

Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy is available for Kindle on Amazon. It has been a long eventful journey putting together a book and cover. I have received wonderful encouragement and really appreciate the comments. Please sign up and leave a comment to be entered to win a free autographed copy when the physical book comes out. I will be giving away one copy, and possibly two dependent on the amount of comments received. This a great opportunity to win a copy of this fun debut novel. The proof is being checked and the updated copy should be available in 6-8 weeks. I will notify the winners by email.

Or purchace your Kindle copy today $2.99 at

Interview with James Oh, on Profile of Author


     As she reached out to the nearest tree and moved the branch, trying hard to create no sound, she instantly heard a shrill scream. Her heart started thrumming, and her breath caught in her throat, grasping the branch and pulling it aside, leaning in to get a look, she was horrified to see a group of tall and unearthly men with pale skin and black hair, in the pool. As she watched, the strangers completed putting collars on the children, each connected by a chain.

     As Thomas, one of the boys moved from his hiding place and tried to run, he was plunged into the water and held under, only to be let go as his body slowly, buoyantly rose to the top. Struggling to stifle herself, trying to catch the building scream, the sound catching in her throat causing nausea to rise from the pit of her stomach, she froze.

     Not sure what to do, she was afraid to move and make a sound. She slowly moved close …as close to the tree behind her as possible. Hoping to hide, she closed her eyes and wished herself invisible.

     Still backing, into the tree, at any time she knew she would make contact and feel the safety of the wood at her back, she inhaled as her body sank into the tree, changing shade and becoming part of the tree. Her gasp, shocking in the sudden silence alerted the hunters and they swarmed the area around the tree almost like the small bugs she had been watching earlier. Concealed by the tree, she prayed it would be enough. She was afraid but knew she would have to think about it later. It made no sense, and she would pick it apart with her usual curiosity, if she could only make it through the day.

     They scanned the area for over an hour trying to make sure there were no witnesses. As she watched from the depth of the tree, eyes wide with fright, her mind clambering, and her breath shuttering, she could feel the bark of the tree as though it is a part of her skin.